Sunday, November 29, 2009


No, all you smarty-pants types, I don't mean to say that this is the first year that I have had friends. However this last year (give or take) has provided great opportunity for me to appreciate true friendships.
Of course, the year started off with my "ROCK STAR" birthday party. A house full of friends willing to wear costumes to celebrate my 35th birthday was probably all the proof I needed that I was loved, but it was just the start! Again, no major moments can be outlined as defining my friendship status, there are just a lot of moments of wonderful people willing to love and be loved that have really touched my heart.
I couldn't possibly name each friend or each moment but, how about a few highlights:
Jen O - Fabulous, fabulous, Jen. She has given me little gifts, more than once this year, just to tell me that she appreciates my friendship. She has trusted me to pray and counsel with her. She even was friend enough to apologize when she - accidentally - hurt my feelers. For 10 years now, Jen has managed to put a smile on my face whenever I see her and this year especially, it has really blessed my heart!
CJ's Graduation - It is only a few kids in our area who will celebrate completion of their 8th grade year. Because of this, I was uncertain of how people would react to receiving invitations to a BBQ in honor of my son's. I was certainly not disappointed. My house and yard were full of great friends! The best part? These were mostly people who first knew Troy or myself, then came to know and love our son because of their love for us. That is a true blessing!
Myndie - I truly believe that there will never be a year in my life from now on in which Myndie - my BFF - isn't a special part! So that means she is a highlight in this year as well!
I could go on and on:
Brother/friends like Matt and Jeremy who trust me to help them in the tough times
Long time friends like Torry, Tami, Becky, Dawn, and Kathy whose friendships seem to gain another layer with each new year.
New friends like Derek who helped make a scary new experience like college easier and so much more fun.
Special friends like Cathlin and Avril who helped me learn about the gift of forgiveness and healing.
And of course, my pukers who have celebrated each new, happy moment with me this year.
I love you ALL, my sweet friends! You make my life a great joy to live!

Monday, November 2, 2009

#3 School!

Of course this is a really big one for me.
If you have known me for very long at all, you will know that being a teacher has, quite literally been a life-long dream for me. Well, I am currently on my third and FINAL attempt at getting a college degree.
I, of course, first began this adventure in the fall of 1992. To sum that experience up quickly:
May - graduated HS
June - dumped by boyfriend who insisted I go to college with him in Lewiston
July - Moved into my first apartment in Lewiston got part-time job
Aug - Started school with 21 credits
Oct - Dropped 6 credits
Nov - Had screaming match with creative writing/poetry teacher (dropped 3 more credits)
Dec - Went home for Christmas, got report card, received 9 credits, decided college could wait.
(The good news being that when I went back to Lewiston to close out that chapter of my life after Christmas, I met my beloved - Troy)
My second attempt at college came when I was about 26. I took two classes and did quite well, but it just wasn't the right time to really pursue a degree. The kids were little and Troy wasn't really on board.

So - attempt #3
I am a full time student taking 15 credits. I am loving every minute of it! The schedule that I have allows a good amount of time for me to do my homework without cutting into family time. I am pulling A's and B's in every class. (might be all A's if I hadn't gotten hit with this illness) Best of all, Troy is totally behind it! He is as excited as I am, and together we've been able to look at the big picture and what this degree will mean to our future!
If I work hard, I'll have this degree before my 40th birthday. Christian will just be graduating HS and Mackenzie just starting. This really seems to be the best time to be doing this. I am so glad that God's timing is so much better than mine!
I have to thank all of my friends and family who have been so encouraging to me in this big adventure. It has really made a huge difference! I have felt your prayers and am bolstered by the confidence that you all have in me!