Friday, January 9, 2009

Can you feel my pain?!

My son is nearly 14.
He is almost 6 inches taller than me! Of course as my dear little brother reminded me this morning, "That's not hard to do!"
Later this month, I will turn 35.
The tattoo that I got when I started college is now more than 16 years old!

I realize that I am not really "old" by any one's standards and I certainly don't feel old. (at least not all the time) But I only just stopped having those nightmares about showing up at school with no clothes on or completely forgetting to do an assignment. Now I'm so tired by the time I manage to quiet the millions of "to do" lists in my mind when I hit the pillow that I don't even think I do dream anymore! I put off finishing college again for another semester which is no big deal until I consider that I have now put off finishing college for 30 semesters!!! By the time I'm a teacher, they'll be calling me "Old Lady Syverson". My Classic American Lit syllabus will include the Harry Potter Series! I guess I'm okay with my age. Its just the years in between then and now that have me bewildered.

But my God is good to me. I'm sure he's getting a good chuckle out of my ranting at the moment cause in his mind I'm a mere babe, but he has given me good things in this life. I made a commitment to read through the bible this year and I cannot believe how the enemy has started trying to worm his way in to block me from my reading time. Granted it doesn't help that I started right at Genesis 1:1 and, lets face it, that isn't the MOST exciting reading for the first few chapters. Pray for me friends that I stop dozing off during my bible time! I am doing my best to rejoice in the greatness of God's creation!
So yeah that was my actual point here: I'm reading through the bible this year. Care to join me?