Monday, June 22, 2009

In a Hurry but Felt the Need to Update

So...... *deep breath*
Life is good. CJ has finished his years @ Cornerstone Christian School and will be entering Jenifer Junior High as a 9th gradeer in the Fall. Prayers for this new chapter in his life are greatly apreciated. Mac is officially a middle-schooler entering 6th grade @ CCS this year. She is still pursuing dance and doing quite well. Troy is the greatest hubby I could ever hope for. He has the power to make me feel like the most amazing person on Earth. He works hard everyday and still comes home happy to see me and positive! I am not going to be on TV :(. I don't think that the show got picked up. Miss Saigon is over but it was AWESOME!! So many loved ones came to see me and many from miles away!!! Thanks! This show really gave my self esteem a boost! Now I am in the process of getting into college! I have a good on-campus job prospect, I have been accepted, and have applied for financial aide. I will register for classes in about 2 1/2 weeks and shortly after find out if I can actually afford it LOL! Please be praying that I will stay focused on God's direction in this and make the right decisions for my family.