Thursday, February 26, 2009

Couldn't get much better!

So I just spent a few days in the Boise area visiting, and it was wonderful!

Friday night I had a nice visit with lil brother Ethan, his wife Kimberly and the kiddos. I am so thrilled to see how God is blessing their family and how, even though they met with such sorrow this year, there is great joy in their home. We spoke at some length about being "real" and honest about who you are and how just being as vulnerable as letting people know that you aren't always "okay" is a real blessing to people around you.

Saturday I got my Hamburger Connection fix!~ they make the best hot dogs and their special sauce is beyond comparison~ I got to see my sister-friend, Amber's new home in Nampa and hug on my sweet Livvie who is really changing from baby to big girl quickly! AND I had a great dinner and visit time with several of my "besties" from school days! I am so blessed to have these great girlfriends that have known me since my days of acne and insecurity and still love me! We talked of kids and husbands and the way we were and it was awesome! ~ So looking forward to our reunion in 3 years!

Sunday was church, a quick introduction to some of my mama's dearest friends including a nice time of prayer at her friend, Josta's home in the afternoon, then back to Caldwell to meet Enzo!
Enzo Cruz Luna is my newest nephew. He is the first child for my baby sister, Becca and her sweet hubby, Jaime. We all (lots of family) got together to meet Enzo at my dad's house ~ which he and Cheri recently did some redecorating/remodelling in and it looks fabulous! It was a great time and I so enjoy being with my family!

Monday we took Mackenzie and my niece, Justine, to the mall to go to Build-a-Bear. If you have little girls in your life and you haven't been there yet, you should go. Its a kick. Then home for dinner with sister, Jen and her kids and a quiet evening watching a movie with Mom and Dad.

Tuesday Mom, CJ and I got to tour MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship). Its a really great organization where my lil bro, Phill works. Their primary purpose is to provide assistance to remote locations around the world that are most easily (or in some cases, only) reached by air. They transport teachers, missionaries, medical personnel and supplies~ whatever is needed. I am very proud of Phill for being part of this organization! Then we headed to Meridian to watch a dress rehearsal for my niece, Kate's cheer competition that will take place on Saturday. She did great! And she is such a beautiful girl! I finished up Tuesday night making dinner at lil bro Phill and pseudo bro John's new digs in Caldwell and watching a rather odd movie with some friends that I have adopted through Phill.

Wednesday was the drive home which went quite well and arriving at my new house~ that I LOVE~ and finding it so nice and clean!!! My hubby really stepped up and had the place looking great! He even painted a wall (which also turned out great). It was a perfect welcome home!!!

Today, I am just floating on the feel-good-ness of the whole week! Thank you, Lord for all of my blessings!!!!